Muse Admits To Being “Dead Inside” On New Drones Single

After announcing their new album, Drones, dropping an energetic new song called “Psycho,” and debuting another song called “Reapers” during a mini UK tour, Muse has yet another surprise for fans: Their new lead single! “Dead Inside” opens Drones on a chill, rather ’80s note. The song is most comparable to Muse’s 2012 single, “Madness” – both have an R&B sound that stray from Muse’s generally more rock style.

Although “Dead Inside” is a complete 180 from “Psycho” musically, the lyrics hold the concept album together. After a relationship gone wrong, the protagonist ends up just like his ex: Someone who seems warm to the touch, but inside there’s no life left. It can be speculated that “Dead Inside” is based on singer Matt Bellamy’s recent split from fiancée Kate Hudson.

This makes three for three songs so far the mention the album’s title at some point. Check out the slick lyric video below:

“Dead Inside” is a different song, but it works well in Muse’s diverse catalog. If you’re more interested in their heavier songs, check out “Psycho” and the live version of “Reapers.”

Drones is set for release on June 8th in the UK, and June 9th in the United States; head over to Muse’s official site to pre-order Drones on CD, CD+DVD, 12” double gatefold 180g vinyl, deluxe box set or as a digital download.  You can read up on all that we know about Drones so far while we wait for graduation, summer, and of course new Muse songs. Keep checking back here for the latest Muse news.

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