Lana Del Rey Blasts Paparazzi In “High By The Beach” Music Video

Lana Del Rey just released her new Honeymoon single, “High By The Beach,” and now the low-key track has a trippy video to go with it. Throughout the video, we see Lana moving about her beach house, looking at the news and avoiding the helicopter of paparazzi that constantly hovers outside her windows. The repeated flashes of scenes – like a skipping record – give the impression that Lana is going crazy or can’t think straight. The camera follows Lana’s every move as she suddenly races down her stairs to grab a random guitar case in the rocks.

It’s a slow moving yet stirring video until the unexpected, fiery end. Lana aims and fires, exploding her helicopter stalkers and finally finding peace in her secluded waterfront home.

“High By The Beach” is the second song we’ve heard from Lana’s new album. The title track, “Honeymoon,” made its debut in July, and both songs show different sides to the reportedly diverse new record.

You can buy “High By The Beach” on iTunes now. Honeymoon is due out this fall, so stay tuned for announcements about its release date, track listing, and album artwork in the coming weeks. You can read up on all we know about Honeymoon so far, and keep checking back here for the latest Lana Del Rey music news.

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