Paramore Registers 12 New Songs On ASCAP

Paramore has been hard at work on their 5th studio album for the last year. They’ve shared plenty of updates from the studio over the last 12 months, and it looks like their new album should be out sometime in 2017. Now fans have some specific songs to look forward to: Paramore recently registered 12 new songs on ASCAP!*

Check out the twelve new song titles that they registered:

  1. “Caught In The Middle”
  2. “Fake Happy”
  3. “Forgiveness”
  4. “Grudges”
  5. “Hard Times”
  6. “Idle Worship”
  7. “Idle Worship Outro”
  8. “Pool”
  9. “Rose Colored Boy”
  10. “Tell Me How”
  11. “Told You So”
  12. “What It Costs”

Of the above songs, all of them were cowritten by Hayley Williams and Taylor York. Three of the songs – “Grudges,” “Pool,” and “Rose Colored Boy” – were also cowritten with Zac Farro. “Idle Worship Outro” was cowritten with Aaron Weiss from the band mewithoutYou.

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Back in 2010, two of Paramore’s co-founding members, Josh and Zac Farro, left the band. It was a messy breakup, and Paramore released their self-titled fourth album in 2013 as a trio. At the end of 2015, Paramore saw another lineup change when bassist Jeremy Davis also left the band. At the beginning of 2016, Paramore began working on their new album as a duo with only Hayley Williams and Taylor York.

However, last summer the band shared some studio photos with none other than Zac Farro. By then the ex band members had made up, and Zac said he was only playing drums on the new record. Last month, Paramore made Zac’s return public – complete with some vintage t-shirts featuring his toddler face.

Zac’s involvement on the song called “Grudges” could be the most topical of the three song he cowrote. Could this song be about moving on from past grudges the Farro brothers had with Hayley and Taylor? Back in August, Zac appeared on Billboard’s Alt In Our Stars Podcast. He said:

What was important was mending those friendships… Hayley and Taylor have become really good friends of mine again and they’re super supportive of my stuff.

Meanwhile, Aaron Weiss is the frontman of the indie rock band, mewithoutYou. Hayley previously appeared on two songs on their 2012 album, Ten Stories.

There’s still no word on when we can expect to hear Paramore’s 5th studio album. The trio should be nearly done recording. Their album will certainly be out later this year, most likely this summer or fall. It’s also unclear if all twelve of the above songs will appear on the album. There may be additional songs that we don’t know about yet as well.

Tell us what you think about the new song titles in the comments below! What are you most excited to hear? What do you predict will be the first single? Let us know, and keep checking back here for all the latest Paramore news.


* ASCAP is one of three major publishing right organizations in the US, along with BMI and SESAC. Paramore’s publishing is affiliated with ASCAP, so all of their songs are registered there. However, not all registered songs get an official release. Please see a list of other known Paramore songs that remain unreleased


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