Garbage Is Back In The Studio Recording A “Depressing” New Song

It hasn’t even been a full year since Garbage released their last album, Strange Little Birds, and already the band is working on new music. With a summer Rage And Rapture Tour with Blondie already announced, it makes sense that Garbage may want to include a new song on the setlist. Today, frontwoman Shirley Manson shared a picture of herself recording vocals in the studio:


In a comment on the post, Garbage stated that the new track is “the most depressing song we have ever written.”

Earlier this month, Shirley Manson spoke to On Top Magazine about working on new music. They already have five songs started!

We had a week session about a month ago where we came up with a nucleus of about five new songs, and our hope is that we get to release one of those songs to come out in tandem with the Rage and Rapture tour because we feel it would be just great to have a new piece of music out at the same time as this momentous occasion.

Shirley further described the new song they’re planning to release:

It’s actually a vision into the future. [Laughs] It’s a dystopian tragedy. [Laughs harder] It has all the elements that you would expect from us, but it’s more of a piece rather than a pop song. It’s an imagining into a dystopian future and what that would mean for us all. [Laughs] It’s dark. Let’s leave it at that.

Garbage is touring North America with Blondie this summer. Check out all dates and get tickets before it’s too late! The Rage And Rapture Tour kicks off on July 5th.

Garbage released their last album, Strange Little Birds, one year ago. It gave us singles “Empty” and “Magnetized.” Since then, the band has released a cover of Cat Stevens’s “Where Do The Children Play?” and Shirley recorded vocals for two new American Gods songs. You can hear “Queen Of The Bored” now.

The band also has a new book coming out this summer. Be sure to pick up This Is The Noise That Keeps Me Awake on July 4th.

Keep checking back here for all the latest Garbage music news. We’ll keep you posted on that depressing new song. It should be out before the tour begins in July.

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