K’naan Teases New “Ha Ha!” Song From Upcoming Album

It’s been a few years since we heard a new album from K’naan. Since releasing Country, God, Or The Girl in 2012, we’ve only heard a few songs from K’naan, the most recent being “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done,)” part of The Hamilton Mixtape. This June the song also got a music video. Meanwhile, K’naan has slyly been working on new music, sharing vague updates on Twitter and Instagram every now and then. But today we finally get to hear a bit of his new music in the form of a song clip, which we’ll be calling “Ha Ha!” for now. (We’re not sure what the song’s real title is just yet.)

Last night K’naan shared some fun behind-the-scenes antics from the studio. In a new Instagram video, K’naan and two other men he’s working with dance and laugh along with a new song. The track has a laidback, cool vibe as K’naan pokes fun at different groups of people.

In the video, we can only make out some of the lyrics. We’re missing the first and last lines, but seem to have the middle part. Perhaps you can hear more of the words than us? If so, let us know!

Let me call and introduce ya

I just wanna laugh at all the non-believers, yeah
Ha ha!
All you f–king life cheaters too can take a seat
Ha ha!

Check out the new song video clip below:



What do you think of the song clip? Personally, we can’t wait to hear the rest of the song! We hope it’ll be on K’naan’s next album… which we hope will drop sometime in 2018!

Perhaps this is what the full track is about?

Latest K’naan News

It’s been a few years since we heard new music from K’naan. His last album, Country, God, Or The Girl, came out five years ago. It launched singles like “Is Anybody Out There?” (featuring Nelly Furtado) and “Hurt Me Tomorrow.”

Since then, K’naan spent much of his recent time developing a TV series called Mogadishu, Minnesota. Himself an immigrant from Mogadishu, Somalia, K’naan wrote, directed, and executive produced this show with the intention of highlighting the immigrant experience of Somalis in America. The HBO series was ordered to pilot in summer 2016, with filming occurring last winter. However, the show was met with scrutiny, with some Somali Americans concerned about how they’d be portrayed in the show.

Unfortunately, in September, it was announced that HBO will not be moving forward with Mogadishu, Minnesota. In a statement, HBO said: “We value the relationship we’ve built working with the talented K’Naan Warsame and hope to have a chance to work with him in the future.” At this point, it’s unclear if Mogadishu, Minnesota would be able to move to another network, but for now, it seems we won’t get to see it.

Back to Music

In addition to exploring the television world, K’naan has also been working on new music. Last March he was in the studio with Jim Jonsin. In April, K’naan was teasing new songs that aren’t out yet, confirming that he’s writing “a little somethin somethin” that way may get to hear soon. The new songs may include his sequel to “Until The Lion Learns To Speak,” a track from his first album.

At this point, it’s unclear when we’ll finally get to hear the fruits of K’naan’s labor. We’re excited to hear some new music from him – hopefully in the new year.

Enjoy the new “Ha Ha!” song clip, and get ready for more K’naan music and news of an album soon. Keep checking back here for all the latest K’naan music news.

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