Lana Del Rey Surprises Fans With New Single, “Love”

Lana Del Rey fans knew something was up when vintage-looking posters of the singer started appearing around Los Angeles yesterday. The posters advertised a new song called “Love,” with a video directed by Rich Lee. Today, “Love” started appearing on iTunes stores worldwide. Although the music video still eludes us, the audio is now available for all to enjoy.

“Love” taps into an old-school, 1960s style musically, consistent with much of Lana’s discography. But while Lana is well-versed in dark moods, this new single approaches romance with a much lighter, more optimistic perspective. Lana’s voice soars in the sweet chorus that describes young lovebirds. By the last chorus, she admits that she is feeling young and in love herself. It’s a hopeful, gorgeous song that gets better with each listen. Check out “Love” below:

“Love” was originally titled “Young And In Love” when it appeared on ASCAP. Lana finished the song and music video months ago, but more recently finished recording a new album. The upcoming 4th studio album is expected out this spring. It will serve as the follow up to Lana’s 2015 record, Honeymoon. So far, we don’t know much about the new music, the album title, or the release date. Lana will likely announce all in the coming weeks.

Other than a music video for “Freak” early in 2016, Lana stayed quiet for most of the year. Her only other appearances were on The Weeknd’s impressive new album, Starboy. She co-wrote and sang on “Party Monster” and “Stargirl Interlude.” Lana previously collaborated with The Weekend on his Beauty Behind The Madness track, “Prisoner.”

Now that a new Lana Del Rey era is starting, things will get pretty exciting for her fans over the rest of this year. You can buy “Love” on iTunes now. The music video will likely drop later this month. Stay tuned for more news about the video and the new album. Keep checking back here for all the latest Lana Del Rey music news.

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