Kelly Clarkson Describes “Personal” New Album, Due in 2021

We’ve all been excited to hear Kelly Clarkson’s upcoming 8th studio album. While we’re still a ways out from getting it, Kelly has just revealed some exciting news about it. In a new interview with Willie Geist at TODAY, Kelly shared about its personal new direction and when it’s finally coming out.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: Kelly’s unexpected divorce from her husband of nearly seven years, Brandon Blackstock, which was revealed in June. In the new interview, although she didn’t explain details of why they’re divorcing, Kelly did speak candidly about how she’s dealing with it. She describes her life as a “dumpster” right now, and admits that it’s been hard. But for her, music is an outlet that helps her cope.

Indeed, her divorce from Brandon will come up on the new album. As such, the scope of the forthcoming record has changed a bit. Last we heard, it was going to be a mixture of Breakaway, Stronger, and Meaning Of Life. However, it now sounds like Kelly is writing a lot more personal songs for it. Today, she described her new album as soundtracking a relationship from beginning to end.

Kelly talked about the new direction, and one song in particular:

This next record… this will probably be the most personal one I’ve ever released. The whole record is basically every emotion you experience from the beginning of a relationship to the end of what it is now. And it’s been very therapeutic for me. It’s very honest. There’s one that my kids sing in the car – cause I’m going through mixes – and I’m just like… this is weird. Like, it’s your relationship! I’ve never written about my life to where… My kids are, like, singing along…

Of course, her kids are only four and six, so they don’t really understand what they’re singing along to. But it sounds like the lyrics divulge a lot, and Kelly’s fans may notice the song’s meaning.

So, when will we hear the album? Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, it’s no longer on the table for 2020. Fans will have to wait until sometime in 2021 before we’ll get the new record. After all, a lot has changed for Kelly this year, and she’s still busy with her many other jobs, too!

Watch the full interview in the video below:

“I Dare You” & A Mystery Duet

In April, Kelly released her single “I Dare You” – in five languages. The solo version is in English, but Kelly also did five duets, each in a different language. She sings it in Spanish with Blas Cantó, in French with Zaz, in German with Glasperlenspiel, in Arabic with Faouzia, and in Hebrew with Maya Buskila.

Kelly revealed that releasing a song with multi-language duets has been a goal of hers for many years. She never had the right song or team until now, and she’s thrilled she got to record “I Dare You” with so many artists and languages. Kelly began this project a year ago, and though it was a lot of work, it was worth the time and effort!

In May, Kelly also talked about some other songs she’d recorded, including a mystery duet:

I already have several songs – MANY songs – for the album recorded. And I actually just recorded a duet that I wish I could talk about. But I can’t yet. It’s so good! I happened to sing with this person within the last six months, and we love singing together so much. It was so cool how our voices just sounded together. And I was just like “Ahh!” So my label found this perfect song, and we just recorded it.

I think it might be the next single we release, but I’m not sure, but it’s definitely on the next album coming out.

Kelly wouldn’t reveal who the mystery duet partner was or where they had recently sung together. It had to stay a secret for the time being! She continued to describe the song, first saying, “It’s kind of a different flow as a duet as well.” Kelly also said that, stylistically, it could have fit in on her last album, Meaning Of Life. Other songs harken back to albums like Breakaway and Stronger.

A New Direction… & New Tracklist?

At this point, it’s unclear if “I Dare You,” the mystery duet, or the other songs Kelly had recorded will still make the album. It’s also unclear if it will still sound like Meaning Of Life, Stronger, and Breakaway. Since Kelly is pouring her emotions and personal experience – especially her divorce – into the music, this may turn out to be a very different album from what she’d started.

We can’t yet say whether it will have My December vibes, but that album has been her most personal and raw record to date. We predict her new album will have similar amounts of emotional vulnerability, but based on what Kelly shared today, it may also offer more wisdom and hope, too.

More Kelly Clarkson News

What do you think about everything Kelly shared about her upcoming album? Are you excited about how personal it will be? Let us know your thoughts below!

Keep checking back here for more information on Kelly’s upcoming 8th studio album and all the latest Kelly Clarkson music news. In the meantime, be sure to listen to her latest single, “I Dare You” – in all six languages.

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