See Muse’s ’80s-Inspired Video For New Single, “Something Human”

Last week, Muse teased fans with a live acoustic version of their newest single, “Something Human.” Today, fans get to hear the song for real – and it comes with an action-packed, ’80s-inspired music video! And this is only the start: The band promise a full album out this November.

“Something Human” is one of the cheeriest and most intimate songs Muse has released in the last decade. It features acoustic guitar and gentle falsetto vocals, along with upbeat percussion a spacey flair. The lyrics focus on missing your loved ones after being away for too long; indeed, Matt wrote if after finishing their extensive Drones tour. It’s a sweet song that shows another side of a band well-known for their political, dystopian themes.

The music video presents a striking contrast to the song. As with “Thought Contagion,” it presents a sci-fi concept with throwback 1980s sensibilities. But this time, instead of seeing characters transform into zombies, we see a speedy car chase lead to an ancient Retrograde Video (which looks suspiciously like Blockbuster Video)… and an unexpected werwolf transformation. It’s pretty wild, if a bit incongruous with the song.

Check out the music video for “Something Human” below:

In a new interview, frontman Matt Bellamy and drummer Dom Howard talk about the new song and forthcoming album. Matt states that this is the first time he’d written a song on acoustic guitar in 15 years, and describes “Something Human” as a curveball and the softest song on the new record. He states that in addition to the recording released today, the album will also include an acoustic version of the song.

They also confirmed that they’re nearly done recording now, and plan to finish mixing in the next couple of weeks. It will include 11 songs (which means there are still 8 new ones we haven’t heard yet!), plus 7-8 bonus tracks of acoustic and alternate versions of the songs. “Dig Down,” for example, will appear as an acoustic track featuring a gospel choir. The still-unnamed album will come out in November.

You can download “Something Human” on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now.

The single releases for Muse’s new album have been particularly drawn out so far. “Dig Down” came out in May 2017, while the second single, “Thought Contagion,” didn’t come out until this February. After “Something Human,” the band also plans to release one more single this fall prior to the album.

Catch up on all we know about the new music, and keep checking back here for all the latest on Muse’s new album. Enjoy “Something Human,” and get ready for the rest of the album coming out this November!

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