Neon Trees Delay ‘I Can Feel You Forgetting Me’ to July

In just 10 days, Neon Trees were supposed to release their new album, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me. However, today the band announced their decision to delay its release to July 24th. They made this choice due the growing movements for effecting change. Rather than detract from the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement, the band instead aim to amplify these fights for justice.

As Neon Trees explained in a statement:

Our 4th album, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me, has been long awaited to many of you, and while we are so eager to release it, quite honestly we feel awkward promoting an album at this current moment when protest and activism for real system change should be the focus and dominating conversation. We have decided to move the release of our album to July 24th, in an effort to not detract from the global movement: the fight against racial injustice and violence.

We post this in solidarity with the movement, and stand alongside all of those in the fight for change. Black lives matter. Black trans lives matter. We as a band and people are vehemently antiracist, and commit ourselves to continue learning and listening and giving the online space to this crucial conversation.

Bravo, Neon Trees. This is a noble choice and we at Hidden Jams fully support your decision to delay the release. And when the time is right, we’ll be just as excited for the new album.

See the band’s announcement below:


I Can Feel You Forgetting Me

The new album will feature 10 songs. We’ve already heard two of them in the singles “Used To Like” and “New Best Friend.” See the full tracklisting below:

  1. Nights
  2. Used To Like
  3. Holy Ghost
  4. Skeleton Boy
  5. Mess Me Up
  6. Living Single
  7. Everything Is Killing Me
  8. Going Through Something
  9. When The Night Is Over
  10. New Best Friend

You can pre-save or pre-order I Can Feel You Forgetting Me from your favorite music providers here. You’ll get instant access to the first two singles.

In an interview with Atwood Magazine last November, frontman Tyler Glenn talked about about Neon Trees’ new album, which will feature 10 songs, at least one of which is a proper ballad. He elaborated:

Writing this record, there was definitely a through-line through the record. Especially when we’ve honed it down to these 10 songs, I think it’s really succinct; there’s an arc through the record. I think I’m still writing about themes that are pretty much on par with Habits or Picture Show, but I’m doing it with this new lens with this new, current lens and with a lot of the growth that I’ve had over the last five years or so. There’s definitely an arc, and I think that’s cool to listen, for people that care to listen to a record in its entirety, I think that’s still important for me.

The upcoming album will be their first in six years. Pop Psychology came out in 2014, then Tyler shared his first solo album, Excommunication, in 2016. The band regrouped for a standalone single together, “Feel Good,” in 2017, and finally have an album mixed and ready for us now.

More From Neon Trees

Neon Trees recently revisited their very first single “Animal” from their 2010 debut album, Habits. They shared a new acoustic version of the track in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

In addition to their two brand new singles, “New Best Friend” and “Used To Like,” fans can also hear an acoustic version of “Used To Like.”

Get ready to hear all of I Can Feel You Forgetting Me on July 24th! Luckily the delay isn’t too long! Keep checking back here for all the latest Neon Trees music news.

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