Throwback To When Garbage Took The World By Storm With “Only Happy When It Rains”

You’ve probably heard that “April showers bring May flowers.” Now that April and early spring are upon us, we can expect some indecisive weather and maybe some torrential rain, and we might was well enjoy it. Garbage certainly seems to! Let’s celebrate April’s showers with one of our favorite hits of the last 25 years, “Only Happy When It Rains.”

“Only Happy When It Rains” was Garbage’s second single off their self-titled debut. It hit US radios in January 1996, and quickly became the breakthrough that brought Garbage international fame.

The song poked fun at the bleak, depressing lyrics of much of the grunge and alternative rock that dominated the ’90s. Not too much fun, though – Garbage definitely leans in that dark direction most of the time themselves. Frontwoman Shirley Manson looks fierce in the video, whether in a pink dress or a blue dress. The song remains a staple to this day for Garbage fans and non-fans alike.

Let’s get back into the mid-1990s and enjoy “Only Happy When It Rains” while April does its thing outside.

Craving more from Garbage? Their sixth album, Strange Little Birds, came out last year. It launched the singles “Empty” and “Magnetized.” Later this year, Garbage will also be releasing their first biography. This Is The Noise That Keeps Me Awake will be out this July. Keep checking back here for all the latest Garbage news, not to mention fun throwbacks like this one.

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One thought on “Throwback To When Garbage Took The World By Storm With “Only Happy When It Rains”

  • July 31, 2019 at 6:22 am

    so definitely not a dumbed down knock off of “happy when it rains” by Jesus & Mary Chain


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