Enjoy 3 New All-American Rejects Songs & “Send Her To Heaven” Video

The All-American Rejects are back with their first new songs in two years. Following their 2017 release of “Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes,” the band just dropped a new EP with three songs: “Send Her To Heaven,” “Gen Why? (DGAF),” and “Demons.” We’ve been anticipating hearing each of these tracks for a few years, and they were so worth the wait!

The titular track of the EP, “Send Her To Heaven” opens the set. We first heard a preview of the song in The All-American Rejects’ documentary called Rejected. Though it may have sounded innocent enough before, we can now hear the torment of the lyrics. Over a loping mid-tempo beat, frontman Tyson Ritter sings about a girl named Molly who struggles with substance abuse. It’s a tragic story with a hope for something better.

Next up is a song The All-American Rejects began playing live in 2016. Originally known as “DGAF,” the title has been updated to “Gen Why? (DGAF).” Out of the three songs, this is the silliest and most tongue-in-cheek, harkening back to the vibe of “Gives You Hell.” Tyson sings about destructive behavior that millennials – the band’s own generation – may engage in. In late 2016, the band was plotting a music video for “Gen Why? (DGAF)”; it’s unclear if that video was filmed or will be released.

Finally, the EP ends with “Demons” (previously known as “Running From My Demons”). Like “Send Her To Heaven,” we first heard a preview of this in the Rejected documentary. In keeping with the EP’s theme, the lyrics here are melancholy, but they move in a more introspective direction. However, in contrast to the deceptively cheerful music on the firs two tracks, the instrumentation this time matches the mood of the lyrics.

Listen to the three songs on the new “Send Her To Heaven” EP here:

Along with the new EP, The All-American Rejects also shared a music video for “Send Her To Heaven.” The lyrics come to life here as we watch Molly fall into self-destructive behavior. She parties all night, but she’s avoiding a guy who looks like an astronaut. Interspersed, we watch as the band members’ silhouettes perform against a red backdrop, maintaining a sense of mystique and otherworldliness. By the video’s end, Molly has overdosed and finds that the astronaut man was actually there to help her.

Watch the “Send Her To Heaven” music video below:

You can stream or purchase the “Send Her To Heaven” EP from all the major music providers here.

The All-American Rejects Over The Years

The last music we heard from The All-American Rejects was their “Sweat”/”Close Your Eyes” single in summer 2017. Although the band had planned to release an album that fall, and then later in spring 2018, the plan was ultimately put on hold. In February 2018, The All-American Rejects parted ways with their label, Interscope. Following the split, frontman Tyson Ritter started sharing updates about his own solo music. It seemed that the band was taking a bit of a break, at least from releasing anything new.

The All-American Rejects’ last album, Kids In The Street, came out early in 2012. The music was more experimental, and despite their clear growth, the singles and album didn’t fare as well as previous efforts. The band went quiet for a few years, only releasing a new song, “There’s A Place,” in fall 2015. It appeared in the film Miss You Already, in which Tyson acted.

The band started recording new music in spring and summer 2016, playing “DGAF” live that year. Along with two other songs previewed on their Rejected documentary in 2017 – “Send Her To Heaven” and “Running From My Demons” – we now have all three known All-American Rejects songs. They were worth the wait!

Enjoy the new “Send Her To Heaven” EP and music video! There’s no word on whether a full-length album is also still in the works. In any case, we’re excited to finally have “Send Her To Heaven,” “Gen Why? (DGAF),” and “Demons.” Keep playing the new songs, and as always, keep checking back here for all the latest All-American Rejects music news.

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