Avril Lavigne Reveals Tons Of Album News In Facebook Live Chat

Avril Lavigne has been working on her sixth studio album for the last three years, officially entering the studio earlier this year. Her eponymous fifth album came out back in November 2013, and in the long break, Avril battled lyme disease and went through a divorce. We’ve heard only a few new songs from her in the last few years – including “Fly” and a new collaboration, “Wings Clipped” – and fans have been growing increasingly impatient for the album she’d promised for 2017. Yesterday evening, fans finally got some concrete answers when Avril conducted her first Facebook Live chat.

The live chat’s focus was on the Avril Lavigne Foundation and their work with Lyme Light, but Avril quickly shifted attention to answering fan questions. Naturally, the upcoming album took up most of the discussion, and Avril spilled some major details. She has more than 20 songs ready, and plans to finish recording by the end of this month. Mixing and mastering will follow suite, with the album likely coming out next spring.

I am working really hard and I have 20+ songs and I have to keep going. I have to just keep working on this album and I’m just trying to make it perfect, because it really deserves and needs to be the best it can be for you guys. And I’ve been waiting, and it’s almost there. Because I write my songs, because I’m as hands-on and full-on with my music the way that I am, it’s a process. It doesn’t just happen over night.

I’m in sessions every day working, writing, recording, and this whole month is the month we’re planning on literally wrapping, and it should be wrapped, and we’re going into mixing. I’m pretty amped for that, because I feel like I’m basically done now.

Avril stated that this is her most personal album yet, drawing on various experiences from her own life. Her battle with lyme disease does come up in the emotional new songs. Avril also promises to include some more upbeat rock songs.

The album’s really cool. I know that everyone always come out with their record and they say, “It’s the strongest, this is my best work, blah blah,” but I’ve really put everything into this, and I think my songs and songwriting – I’ve definitely pushed myself. I’ve pushed myself really hard to write about topics and subjects that I haven’t really gotten into before, and lyrically be just a little more clever and poetic.

I have been doing all of the songwriting at the piano and everything is sort of empowering and emotional. Tons of depth and very sincere. I’ve definitely been writing about what I’m going through. And you know, I do that a lot, but I also… not all the time. This is probably the most personal record. Now that I’m at the end I just wanna have a little fun and make sure that I get some cool rock songs for you guys live. To make sure that everybody’s happy. And that’s kind of where I’m at now.

Earlier this year, Avril mentioned a song called “Warrior.” She talked about it more yesterday:

You guys know that I have a song called “Warrior,” because I told you about that. See, the thing is, I wrote all these songs, and I’ve been ready on my end. It’s just been putting together all the business stuff, and getting the right producers on board, and the good producers are busy, then we’re taking meetings, and just finding people that are the right fit. For me, I always have a combination of different songwriters I work with. I did a lot of writing on my own; I started a lot of concepts on my own then really wanted to perfect them, and brought other writers in at the end. Even though I wrote “Warrior” two and a half years ago, I’m actually going to record it this November. I’ve been living with the music for a really long time.

Avril mentioned that she hasn’t played guitar as much lately, spending most of the last few years on piano. She’s written most of her songs on piano, and will play the instrument live in upcoming concerts.

She also contemplated her first single for the album. “I feel like I’ll probably lead the album with a song that is very telling of what I’ve just gone through, so it would be more emotional. A ballad. Maybe I’ll come out with two songs at the same time. There’s an idea!”

This is the most information about the album we’ve gotten so far. Watch the full Facebook Live chat with Avril below. She promises more Facebook Live fun in the future.

Last month, Avril shared numerous studio updates on Instagram and Snapchat. She’s mainly been recording vocals all month, which is usually the last part recorded for a song. However, she also mentioned that she’s been trying to write punk rock songs à la Green Day.





She recorded a few new songs with other artists, including tracks with Nick Carter and Japanese band ONE OK ROCK. Avril also returned to her acting ambitions, voicing Snow White in the upcoming animated film, Charming. For the movie, Avril also joined Ashley Tisdale and G.E.M. to sing “Trophy Boy,” written by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump.

Avril’s new album will come out in 2018 via BMG RecordsCatch up on all we know about the new record so far, and keep checking back here for more on Avril’s new music.

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