Evanescence Reveal More Details About Upcoming Album

Evanescence has spent the past year in and out of the studio, writing and demoing new music for their first album in almost a decade. After putting out their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” – and sharing an apocalyptic new music video for it earlier this month – Evanescence is ready to reveal more about their upcoming album. Frontwoman Amy Lee spoke to Kyle Meredith about their plans for 2020, including when they’ll record and release the new music.

The interview begins with discussion of Evanescence’s cover of “The Chain” and their new music video. About 13 minutes into the interview, though, we finally get to hear more about the band’s long-overdue next record. Sure, we got Synthesis in 2017, but what about an album of all-original material?

New Music Details

Amy says that, since it’s been 9 years since their last studio album, their upcoming record won’t be an entirely new statement. Rather, it will encompass parts of Evanescence that sound familiar – reminiscent of their previous albums – as well as some fresher ideas. Some songs will sound more electronic, some will take on the Synthesis orchestral style, and others will be more similar to the weirdness of The Open Door. As Amy describes it, she wants to “scratch every itch” – not just what the fans want or expect, but also her own new ideas.


This week, the band officially began recording the album. They’ll do a few songs with producer Nick Raskulinecz – the same man who produced their last album, Evanescence, in 2011. Later, the band will go back into the studio with various different producers. Their aim is make an album that is a bit more eclectic, and different producers will bring out different styles.

Evanescence plans to release songs one at a time throughout the year. As Amy explained, she doesn’t want to have to wait until they’ve recorded the full album. She’s excited to release new material as soon as possible. However, Evanescence is still an album band, and they will put out a full album with the various singles and additional, unheard tracks.

At this point, the songs are written and ready to record, though Amy is still working to perfect her lyrics.

Amy and Kyle talk about a lot in the interview, and it’s an informative and lively discussion.

Watch Amy’s full interview with Kyle Meredith below. Talk about new music begins at 12:47:

2020 Return Of Evanescence

Evanescence has been making a comeback over the last few years. In early 2017, the band released a boxset of their three studio albums and b-sides, and later that year we got their electronic-meets-symphonic album, Synthesis. After plenty of touring, they put out Synthesis Live in fall 2018.

The band also has a major tour coming up with the band Within Temptation. Their World Collide tour will take the two bands across Europe in April 2020. Find dates and tickets now so you can see them next spring.

Now, Evanescence is working on their long-awaited 4th studio album. They started writing and demoing last year, and now they’re ready to being recording. In addition to the new interview, also check out Amy Lee’s Reddit AMA from late 2019 – she reveals plenty of additional information there!

More Evanescence & Amy Lee News

Get ready for Evanescence’s upcoming album, and stay tuned for more news about it in the coming months. There should be plenty more now that they’ll begin recording!

For now, enjoy the band’s cover of “The Chain” and its red-hot new music video! As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Evanescence music news.

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