Garbage Promises ‘Beautiful Garbage’ Anniversary Box Set After Album #7

2021 has a lot of great music in store for Garbage fans! Not only will the band release their upcoming 7th studio album, they’ll also put out a Beautiful Garbage box set in celebration of the third record’s 20th anniversary. This year is already so much better than the last!

First things first: Garbage has an album of all-new material to share with the world. The band had finished recording and mixing their 7th album by September last year. By December, it was also mastered and officially ready to go. They’ve tentatively indicated it’ll have a spring release; otherwise, by summer we’ll certainly have it. Garbage should have an official announcement about its release date very soon.

Following that, fans can also celebrate 20 years of Beautiful Garbage with its box set re-release. Just like the band did with Garbage and Version 2.0, their third record will be honored with remastered recordings of all standard tracks, the release of numerous b-sides and rarities, and likely some live recordings and remixes.

Check out Garbage’s exciting confirmation of both releases below:

We may or may not be working on a Beautiful Garbage box set for its 20th anniversary later this year but we have something else we’ve got to get to before that.

In the image above, we can see several song titles. Most of them appeared on Beautiful Garbage. “Pay You Back” ended up being released as a b-side under the name of “Enough Is Never Enough.” “After Life,” on the other hand, has not knowingly been released up to this point. The CDs pictured also featured demos, “Shut Your Mouth” remixes, and more.

Since Beautiful Garbage was first released in early fall of 2001, we’ll likely get the box set around September or October this year.

Making the 7th Album & Sharing Early Songs

Garbage first started working on new songs in spring 2017. That summer, we got a taste of their upcoming 7th album when they shared “No Horses” as a single. It was one of five songs they’d already started that year. They continued working on new songs early in 2018 and into that spring, though studio time halted when they toured in celebration of Version 2.0 turning 20.

For Record Store Day: Black Friday in late 2018, Garbage shared another new song; “Destroying Angels” was released more widely at the beginning of 2019. Whereas “No Horses” was apocalyptic, “Destroying Angels” was a murder song. It sounds like the next Garbage album will be pretty dark! Though, as they said February last year, it’ll be balanced out with some light, too. And, of course, sugar and spice and everything nice.

Following the 2018 celebration of the 20th anniversary of their sophomore album Version 2.0, Garbage spent much of early 2019 working on their upcoming 7th studio album. Early in 2019 they teased the “darkness and light” and “sugar and spice” they were creating in the studio. In April 2019, they were in the studio again. In mid-September, Garbage returned to the studio, announcing it as “Day 1” of recording the new album. Did that mark the official beginning of the recording and production, following months of writing and demoing? Or was it just “Day 1” of that particular session? It’s unclear, but we do know the band continued making progress! Garbage re-entered the studio in January 2020 and shared an update at the end of that February.

Finally, at the end of March 2020, drummer Butch Vig shared an update. In addition to saying the album was going into the mixing phase, he also shared a short clip of one of the new songs. After finishing the album in September, it was mastered in December 2020.

More Garbage News

A “Poppier” Direction

Last August, Shirley did a few interviews, and naturally, Garbage’s upcoming 7th album came up. In her interview with SPIN, she first talked about where they’re at with recording and when we can hear it. Their original plan was to release it in early spring 2021, but now its release date is uncertain. But what is certain is that the record will sound different from Garbage’s latest albums. In addition to “lots of guitars,” it will also feature a “poppier” sound filled with melodies and hooks. We love Garbage’s poppier material from past albums, so consider us pretty excited!

Read Shirley’s exchange with SPIN about the new album:

What can you say about the new album? Can we know what it’s called or when it’s coming?
I could tell you, but I probably won’t because of the situation … We finished our record literally a week before lockdown really happened. So we got all the recording done, which was astounding for us, so we now have that record sort of in the can. It’s currently getting mixed, so there is action happening on that front, and it’s keeping us all sort of vaguely tethered to the real world. There were plans literally the week before the shutdown that we were going to release it in early spring of next year. Now I have no idea.

It’s certainly a different-sounding record than our last couple. It has lots of guitars, lots of melodies and hooks. It’s poppier than the last record. We were very inspired by the weird, subversive pop of Roxy Music — that was kind of our muse. Not that it sounds anything like Roxy music, but that was definitely something we thought about a lot.

I can’t wait to hear it; I hope we’re all around to hear it.
[Laughs.] You have now revealed yourself as to why you wanted to talk to me — you, too, have a heart of dark.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Shirley talked her podcast, The Jump, and about Garbage’s evolving plans to release music:

What’s the future of Garbage?
A bright future. The sad thing is, we were looking at the most fun year we’ve had in quite some time. We’re restructuring our business and changing the way we release records from the way that we have in the last eight years. We have a lot of touring lined up, which of course we can’t carry out. We have a new record being mixed as we speak that’s going to come out next year. We’ve got three more songs to go and then we’re done. And then we’ll concentrate on the artwork and start planning for next year. We were really excited. We were talking with our team this morning, and things are still looking hopeful.

Additional Clues

In June 2019, NME shared an interview with Shirley Manson about politics, the future of rock music, and, of course, their new album. She revealed that the music is “cinematic” and “pretty personal.”

Two years ago, Garbage teased fans with a handful of full and partial song titles, including the following:

  • [unreadable] About You
  • This City Will Kill You
  • The Creeps
  • [unreadable] K
  • Waiting For God To Show Up
  • Anonymous Sexx

7th Album & Beautiful Garbage Box Set Coming Soon

We’re pretty excited to know we have two different Garbage projects coming this year! Longtime fans will love the Beautiful Garbage box set that’s expected this fall. And before that, we have an all-new album to hear, too! You can catch up on all that’s gone into making the album so far here, and get ready for more updates in the coming weeks. We’re getting very close to hearing the new music, likely this spring or summer. Keep checking back here for all the latest Garbage music news.

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