Zac Farro Confirms He’s Recording With Paramore

A couple months ago, Zac Farro suddenly appeared in some behind-the-scenes pictures of Paramore recording their fifth album. It was a shock for fans, since Zac and his brother Josh Farro left Paramore back in 2010. Questions sprang up: Is Zac back with the band? Is he playing on the new album? Are they all friends again?

We can now lay those questions to rest. Zac Farro is in fact recording drums for Paramore’s upcoming fifth album! Although he didn’t write on the songs and, as of now, is not officially with the band again, he is happy to be friends with guitarist Taylor York and frontwoman Hayley Williams again.

In a lengthy new interview for Billboard’s Alt In Our Stars podcast, Zac talked about the rekindled friendships, the new Paramore record, and his own new Halfnoise album. Speaking about his solo work and Paramore, Zac mentioned:

Hayley and Taylor have become really good friends of mine again and they’re super supportive of my stuff. I’ve been playing in the studio with them.

At around the 28 minute mark, Zac goes into detail about how he reconnected with Taylor and Hayley and ended up playing drums on the new Paramore album:

It’s been just incredible. Life’s tough sometimes, you know. And sometimes the best thing is to have a second chance. I’m so thankful that I’m playing on the album, but that wasn’t important to me at the beginning. At the beginning it was mending those friendships, because it was tough. We started when we were really young and I left high school, and then I went home and got my GED after I stopped touring with them. That was humiliating but I did it…

It’s been real cool. The thing that mattered most to me was those friendships. So Taylor and I have been best friends since I was eleven. And we just had been seeing each other around town and we just… We literally love each other and just cleared the air, restored our friendship. Same with Hayley. It’s just the two of them now. So it’s been really cool. It’s interesting, because I was in the band, and now I’m kind of returning again and playing their parts, because it’s their album. But it’s felt like we haven’t skipped a beat. And it’s been so amazing. I’m really thankful.

And Taylor’s played some shows with me in Halfnoise, he’s played guitar for me. He feels like my brother again. My best friend. We’ve always had ups and downs in our friendship. We’re 26 now, and we met when we were eleven. That’s the longest I’ve ever had a friend.  You’re gonna go through some crazy crap… True friendship is always redeemable, I think. Hopefully.

I’m not super proud of how everything went down. It’s tough when you’re young and touring a bunch.

Zac also described the music as being really good and smooth, and compared it to Santana. He won’t say much just yet, but assures fans are going to love it. Zac has not written on the new songs. He also revealed that the album is not finished yet, and there’s still not concrete timeframe for when we’ll hear the new songs.

Zac confirms that he only played drums on the new album, and doesn’t know if he’ll perform live with Paramore. He says they haven’t talked about it, but he’d be happy if he could do both Paramore and Halfnoise and make it work somehow. So he’s not officially back with Paramore just yet, but he notes that “We’re such good friends now. Who knows?”

And for those wondering about Paramore’s ex-guitarist and founding member, Josh Farro is not currently involved with the band or the new album. He’s busy with his own project, Farro, and his new album.

For now, Zac’s main focus is still Halfnoise. His new album Sudden Feeling, will be out September 9th. Be sure to listen to the full podcast to learn all about Zac Farro, Halfnoise, and the new Paramore record.

Keep checking back here for all the latest music news. We’ll keep you posted on Paramore’s upcoming album and Zac Farro’s (growing?) involvement with the band.

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