Natasha Bedingfield Finished Recording Her New Album!

Natasha Bedingfield has been in the studio recording a new album for the last year. Along with songwriter Linda Perry, she made tons of progress and shared studio sneak peeks along the way. Last August, we found out that she’s moving in a “retro disco” direction musically, and we already have one song title: “Roller Skates”! In September, Natasha was also in talks with Universal Music Germany; she’s also signed with We Are Hear. It seems a new album is getting ever closer! This month, Natasha finally finished recording her new album with Linda Perry!

Before we get to that, let’s back up a bit. After a couple months mostly off, this month Natasha was putting the finishing touches on her new music. Here are some of the highlights of her December and January recording sessions:

Latest Studio Updates

Natasha’s New Album Sound

In a recent interview with Contrast Magazine, Natasha divulged a bit about her upcoming album and music. She confirmed her record label situation:

I’ve got this amazing record deal that I just signed and I signed the deal while I was pregnant. It’s with We Are Hear, Linda Perry’s record company.

Natasha also spoke about working with Linda Perry and the sound of her new songs:

I’ve been working on an album. This month I went back to work and I have been working with Linda Perry and we’ve been coming up with some gold in the studio. I’m really excited to blow people’s minds. Blow people’s hearts and minds! The main thing I have been focusing on is just soulful.

She continued:

I’m in such an amazing flow and I feel like I am writing some of the best music of my life right now. I found a partner who is just able to really bring out something wonderful in my voice. Linda Perry, we’ve been writing together and it’s made by one producer, so it’s going to have this cohesive feel and I feel like it’s going to take me to another level.

“We might have a few more [sessions] in January, but we’re close. Songwriting is an addiction in its self. So, you write and you think you’re finished, but you end up writing more. Sometimes an even better song. It’s really great [music]. This is hard to even describe at this point. It’s just really amazing songs. Really good singing. I’m not sure if it’s bad, saying it like that. Like when you have a goal for an album. There is a direction. It’s basically… You know how, if you think about ‘Natasha Bedingfield,’ what do you think of? You think, uplifting. Positive. So, it’s positive.

It’s got the positive Natasha Bedingfield that you like. The positive. The fun. The anthem-ic quality, but it’s something more. It’s got a grit and an edge. A realness to it. When something is positive, it should be like… real like… brown sugar, not sickly sweet, fake sugar-coated pop. It’s like real sugar that just like, hits your taste-buds just right. It has enough of sour in it too. It has enough of this, kind of like bitterness too. For something to be truly positive, its gotta have depth. Its gotta have some sadness too.

I think that getting music out, it’s been a long time. My fans have been patiently waiting. The thing I say is, it’s gotta be worth the wait, ya know? There’s so much music out there right now. The music that comes out, it’s gotta be like gold. That’s what I’m really excited about. Challenging myself, making the best music I have ever made, but also that it’s honest and people can relate to it.

Be sure to read the full Contrast Magazine interview. It goes in-depth on numerous topics, from Natasha’s childhood to being a new mother to her music career.

Coming Soon!

We are so ready for a new Natasha Bedingfield album! Though we’ve had some quiet years recently, 2017 saw Natasha release four new songs, including “Let Go,” “Love Looks Like,” and “Hey Boy.” (The latter she wrote with current collaborator Linda Perry.) However, Natasha’s personal life took center stage later in the year. She announced her pregnancy that fall, and her son Solomon was born on December 31, 2017.

Last February, Natasha said she was “really determined to get some of the best music and art that I’ve made out and into your ears”. After months of her officially recording a new album, it’s exciting that Natasha’s new album is finally done! At this point, we’re certain we’ll get new music sometime in 2019!

Natasha’s last album, Strip Me, came out an astonishing 8 years ago. Since then, Natasha has spent the better part of the past six years writing and recording, yet a full record still eludes us. Though we’ve gotten plenty of songs here and there over the years, fans are desperate for a full-length release. The good news is Natasha is officially finished recording a new album now! Whether she scrapped her work from her earlier sessions is unclear. But in any case, there’s new music to look forward to. Indeed, we will finally get album #4 in the coming months!

It’s exciting to know that a new Natasha album is coming our way very soon! Catch up on all we know about the long-awaited fourth album. Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news.

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