Hoobastank Shares “Right Before Your Eyes” Lyric Video

Last Friday, Hoobastank revealed their plans to release a 15th Anniversary version of their celebrated album, The Reason. On October 4th, fans will get to hear the updated album along with five bonus tracks. One of those songs, “Right Before Your Eyes,” now comes with an overdue lyric video.

“Right Before Your Eyes” first appeared on the soundtrack for the 2003 film, Daredevil. Although it came out several months before The Reason, the song could easily have appeared on the album’s original release. It captures Hoobastank’s signature blend of rock instrumentation with pop melodies and soaring vocals – a sound most distinctly heard on The Reason. “Right Before Your Eyes” has an inspirational message about personal growth, but it still sounds powerful and cool.

The new lyric video hits listeners in all the nostalgic feels. It features artwork from The Reason‘s album booklet and the era. (Though we can’t help but notice the strategic removal of most of ex-bassist Markku Lappalainen…) Likewise, details like the little scribbles – seen in the album’s artwork all those years ago – drive home this trip down memory lane. It’s certainly an effective lyric video that will a) teach listeners the words and b) reawaken our love of Hoobastank ahead of the 15th anniversary re-release. Well done.

Watch the lyric video for “Right Before Your Eyes” below:

You can pre-order the 15th Anniversary edition of The Reason from all the major music providers here. Pre-orders come with an instant download of “Right Before Your Eyes.”

Check out the updated The Reason tracklisting – with 5 bonus tracks – below:

  1. Same Direction
  2. Out Of Control
  3. What Happened To Us?
  4. Escape
  5. Lucky
  6. Just One
  7. From The Heart
  8. The Reason
  9. Let It Out
  10. Unaffected
  11. Never There
  12. Disappear
  13. The Reason (Acoustic)
  14. Force Feed Me
  15. Connected
  16. Did You
  17. Right Before Your Eyes

Tracks 13-17 are new to this edition of the album. The acoustic version of “The Reason” may be newly recorded, though the band has released acoustic recordings of the song before. “Connected,” “Did You,” and “Right Before Your Eyes” all previously appeared on movie or video game soundtracks (Halo 2Spider Man 2, and Daredevil, respectively). The only unheard song here is “Force Feed Me.”

Two songs from the era not included in the re-release are “Never Saw It Coming” and “Open Your Eyes.”

More Hoobastank News

Push Pull

Hoobastank’s most recent album of new music was Push Pull, released last year. It launched the singles “More Beautiful” and “Push Pull.”

The band toured in support of the album and did an anniversary tour of The Reason last fall.

Enjoy the new lyric video for “Right Before Your Eyes,” and get ready for the updated release of The Reason out on October 4th! Keep checking back here for all the latest Hoobastank music news.

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