Sara Bareilles Shines On Reimagined “Tightrope” Cover

The big day is finally here! Last month, fans of the musical film The Greatest Showman were excited to learn about the new compilation album, The Greatest Showman – Reimagined. Featuring songs from the original film, the new album includes covers by a range of popular artists. Following previews from P!nk (“A Million Dreams”)Panic! At The Disco (“The Greatest Show”), and Kelly Clarkson (“Never Enough”), the full album is out now. Today, we can hear how Sara Bareilles reimagined the ballad “Tightrope.”

Melancholy piano starts the song, creating a backdrop that is slower than the original “Tightrope” recording. Sara croons softly, making her version of “Tightrope” that much more emotional. The song starts by describing people who live their lives too safely, always staying within their comfort zones. By contrast, the narrator feels like this love draws her into a life that is filled with excitement, adventure, and breathtaking views. Sometimes a little risk and the great unknown is worth it. It’s a beautiful love song that Sara Bareilles brings to life.

Watch the lyric video for “Tightrope” below:

You can stream, download, or pick up a physical recording of The Greatest Showman – Reimagined here. It includes Sara’s version of “Tightrope,” as well as covers by Kelly Clarkson, Panic! At The Disco, P!nk, and her daughter Willow Sage Hart.

In addition to her cover for The Greatest Showman – Reimagined, Sara recently dropped a cover of “Theodosia Reprise” as a “Hamildrop” for the musical, Hamilton.

Indeed, Sara Bareilles is no stranger to the musical world. A few years ago, she composed all the songs for a musical called Waitress. It debuted in Boston in summer 2015. That November, a selection of those new songs appeared on Sara’s themed album, What’s Insides: Songs From Waitress. In 2016, Waitress went to Broadway; in 2017 – and again earlier this year – Sara took on the lead role of Jenna. She also played Mary Magdalene in NBC’s adaption of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert, composed a song for the SpongeBob Square Pants musical, and co-hosted the Tonys in June. This is all in addition to her pop music career.

More Sara Bareilles News

Sara’s last standard studio album, The Blessed Unrest, came out in July 2013. Though it’s been half a decade already, Sara has certainly kept busy with other projects. In addition to the aforementioned musical projects, Sara also released a book, Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) In Song in 2015, wrote a song called “Seriously” in light of the 2016 presidential election, and released “If I Dare,” a song she composed for the 2017 film, Battle Of The Sexes. This September, Sara teamed up with Common on a new song called “The Train,” in the indie film All About Nina.

Sara is currently composing music for a new dramedy series called Little Voice (a reference to her major label debut?), and just received a prestigious award at the Songwriters Hall of Fame. All things considered, Sara Bareilles is a hard woman to keep up with!

Amongst the whirlwind of activity, fans have patiently awaited a new record. Last month, Sara released her own new song, “Armor.” It’s the lead single from her long-awaited 5th album, due out early in 2019. The album was produced by T Bone Burnett. Fittingly, the new music has a rootsy sound and will touch on politics, Obama, and love (for Obama, but also for Sara’s boyfriend, Joe Tippett). The imminent album will be Sara’s first in over five years.

Enjoy Sara’s cover of “Tightrope,” and be sure to hear her new single, “Armor.” Sara’s new album will come out in the first half of 2019. Catch up on all we know about it so far, and keep checking back here for all the latest Sara Bareilles music news.

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  • October 22, 2021 at 11:30 am

    Beautiful article ! Sara is SO gifted !!
    Any chance of finding out who the photographer is for this wonderful photo?
    I have hunted high and low for a photo credit and cannot find one.
    Thank you!

    • October 22, 2021 at 12:49 pm

      Thank you! Yes, Sara is tremendously talented! The photo was taken by Jesse Dittmar for The Washington Post. I think it first appeared in their May 2018 article, “‘The most welcoming safe space on the planet’: How Sara Bareilles returned to her roots in theater” – but I’m not 100% sure that it wasn’t used earlier. Hope that helps!

  • October 22, 2021 at 7:27 pm

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