Ellie Goulding Shares Shocking Announcement: She’s Pregnant!

Even though Ellie Goulding just put out a new song, “New Love,” along with a proper music video, fans were shocked by her announcement today: She’s pregnant! And in fact, she’s already 30 weeks along. She and her husband, art dealer Casper Jopling, have kept it rather secret since last summer. But in a new interview published today, Ellie’s broke the news to Alexandra Macon at Vogue.

As Ellie described:

We did the one show [at the V&A Museum last August]. I was pregnant and had no idea. That was [around] the time when [Caspar and I] went away briefly when we were allowed to for our one-year anniversary, and that’s basically when we found out. It was crazy because it was our one-year anniversary. That was not the plan. The thought of getting pregnant didn’t seem like it could be a reality. Becoming pregnant kind of made me feel human. I want a better word than womanly, [but]—I have curves I’ve never had before. I’m enjoying it. My husband’s enjoying it.

Although Ellie knows the baby’s gender, she’s not planning to reveal that just yet. But she was candid about how strange it is to be pregnant during a pandemic:

You have your partner, and you have your friends, but in a pandemic, it can feel particularly lonely. Because it wasn’t something I had planned for right now, [and] I knew it was a more solitary journey because of what’s going on. I think that made me keep it very secretive and made me very protective over it. The sickness and tiredness was nothing I’d ever experienced before. I feel like it’s a taboo to talk about pregnancy as being challenging. It’s not always serene and like you’re not always glowing. I’m not saying that every second of this pregnancy has been miserable. It’s not always going to be easy. [But,] I have a newfound respect for any woman who has children.

Ellie ended with her excitement to be having a baby, but also her continued commitment to music:

I’m excited to be a mother—but also I want to make sure that I continue to work. I can’t wait to go back on tour. I’ve been in the studio most days, [and] I’m excited for the challenge. It will be a totally new experience.

Be sure to read the full interview with Vogue here. In addition to the above quotes, Ellie also talks about her changing body and eating habits, her hunger to hear women’s stories, and more.

Latest Ellie Goulding Music & News

Last summer, Ellie released her long-awaited fourth album, Brightest Blue. Between the main album and its bonus EG.0 material, it launched seven singles before its release: “Close To Me” with Swae Lee and Diplo, “Flux,” “Sixteen,” “Hate Me” with Juice WRLD, “Worry About Me” with blackbear, “Power,” “Slow Grenade” with Lauv. Last August, her song “Love I’m Given” got a music video, too.

However, Brightest Blue was also missing several songs Ellie has released in the year and a half leading up to its release. Solo songs “Do You Remember,” “In This Together,” and “Hollow Crown” didn’t make the cut; nor did “Return To Love,” her collaboration with Andrea Bocelli. Ellie had previously mentioned a song called “Electricity” (“about a friend who had been cheated on quite cruelly for a couple of years”) which was also noticeably absent.

One month ago, Ellie released her new song, “New Love,” a collaboration with Silk City (that is, the duo made up of producers Diplo and Mark Ronson).

Beyond pop music, Ellie has also stated that she’s working on an album of classical compositions. We’re hoping that will be released sometime in 2021.

Even further from pop (and classical) music, Ellie also recently announced her first book. She’ll release Fitter. Calmer. Stronger., all about health and wellness, this September.

More Ellie Goulding News

Congratulations to Ellie and Casper! The baby is due this spring, and we can’t wait to see pictures! Keep checking back here for all the latest Ellie Goulding news.

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