Vanessa Carlton Drops Psychedelic Video for “Break To Save”

Last month, a full year after first releasing Love Is An Art, Vanessa Carlton updated the album with a deluxe edition. In addition to the original 11 songs, the new release also includes the previously unheard song “Break To Save” and two demos. Today, “Break To Save” now gets the video treatment.

“Break To Save” has a lot of personality from its very beginning. It has a funky groove and warm sound as Vanessa sings about having the power to leave someone and redefine herself. It’s an empowering song wrapped up in a mellifluously winding melody. This is actually an incredible song, and it’s a surprise it didn’t make it onto the original release of Love Is An Art. It’s an instant standout on the album and in Vanessa’s full back catalogue.

In a statement, Vanessa described the meaning behind the song:

“Break to Save” is about being brave enough to face the pain that will allow you to grow. It’s about that moment when you realize you can’t change a parent or friend or lover, and as hard as it may be, you must break ties in order to save yourself, or to set a boundary that you need.

The new music video plays like a psychedelic collage from decades ago. It opens with the silhouettes of three people, a starry galaxy behind them as colors flash. Then it cuts to old footage of people on the beach before turning our attention to horses. Several horses kick and bite as they prance in the shallow ocean waves. Eventually, it all comes together as human silhouettes and running horses merge into one visual. It’s a mesmerizing and atmospheric music video. It was directed by Patrick McPherson.

Watch the psychedelic music video for “Break To Save” below:

“Break To Save” appears on the updated version of Love Is An Art. You can stream or buy the deluxe re-release of Love Is An Art from all the major music providers here. It also includes the demos for “I Can’t Stay The Same” and “I Know You Don’t Mean It.” 

Love Is An Art

Love Is An Art came first out in March 2020. It includes Vanessa’s singles “Future Pain,” “The Only Way To Love,” “Miner’s Canary,” “Die, Dinosaur,” and “Back To Life,” plus studio versions of songs she’d previously performed live: “Love Is An Art,” “I Know You Don’t Mean It,” and “Salesman.” The album also includes a track called “Patience,” which Vanessa had first previewed back in 2012.

While we’re revisiting Love Is An Art, you can also read our track-by-track review of the original release here.

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Enjoy the new music video for “Break To Save,” and be sure to listen to all of the deluxe version of Love Is An Art, because the album is amazing. Keep checking back here for all the latest Vanessa Carlton music news.

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