Evanescence Release Full Cover Of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”

Two months ago, Evanescence shared a 1-minute cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” from the acclaimed 1977 album, Rumours. They recorded it for Xbox’s new game, Gears 5. Today, Evanescence finally released the full-length version of their cover.

Compared to Fleetwood Mac’s original recording, Evanescence’s cover is far more dramatic and heavy, fitting the style of their own music perfectly. It glides in on frontwoman Amy Lee’s delicate yet powerful voice, quickly gaining strength with rolling drums, distorted electric guitar, and symphonic synths and strings. It’s intense and dark and, dare we say, even better than the original recording. This version of “The Chain” reaffirms why we love Evanescence so much, and we’re more than ready to hear their long-awaited new album, expected late in 2020.

In a message Evanescence shared about “The Chain,” Amy Lee said:

This cover was so fun to make. We love Fleetwood Mac and wanted to paint a dark and epic picture with our take on “The Chain.” The lyrics make me feel the power of standing together against great forces trying to pull us apart, perhaps even from the inside. I really wanted to drive that home in our version, and even made everyone in the band sing by the end of it! We’re beyond excited to share this with you and I’m really looking forward to playing it live.

Listen to Evanescence’s full cover of “The Chain” below:

You can stream or download Evanescence’s version of “The Chain” from all the major music providers here.

When we first heard the song preview in September, Xbox described how Evanescence’s recording of “The Chain” matched their game and their character, Kait:

This darker, warped version of the classic song twists the original’s meaning to embody the dark threat of Kait’s bloodline calling out to her.

Amy had also shared:

I’m so proud to lend my voice to this reimagining of “The Chain” and to the epic world of Gears. I was really drawn to this story of Kait overcoming fear and internal conflict, rising up against evil and standing up to fight. Her story is one of breaking out with her own path and voice. I most definitely relate to that!

New Evanescence

Evanescence has been making a comeback over the last few years. In early 2017, the band released a boxset of their three studio albums and b-sides, and later that year we got their electronic-meets-symphonic album, Synthesis. After plenty of touring, they put out Synthesis Live in fall 2018.

More Evanescence & Amy Lee News

Evanescence has already begun writing for their next record, expected in 2020. They’re early in the process, but we should learn more in the next year.

In the meantime, Evanescence has kept busy with current projects. Amy Lee recently appeared on violinist Lindsey Stirling’s new album, Artemis. Amy sings on the song “Love Goes On And On,” out now. The band also has a major tour coming up with the band Within Temptation. Their World Collide tour will take the two bands across Europe in April 2020. Find dates and tickets now so you can see them next spring.

Enjoy Evanescence’s full cover of “The Chain”! As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Evanescence music news.

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