Hear Kelly Clarkson’s New ‘Trolls World Tour’ Song, “Born To Die”

Kelly Clarkson will appear in the upcoming animated film, Trolls World Tour, scheduled to hit theaters on April 10th. And, as with her UglyDolls film and its accompanying soundtrack in 2019, Kelly also has a new song to go with the upcoming film. The Trolls World Tour soundtrack album is out now, and we can hear Kelly’s original song, “Born To Die.”

In the film, Kelly plays Delta Dawn, party of the Country troll tribe. As such, the song has a notably country sound, opening with banjo and featuring subtly twangy vocals. It starts slow and serious, with only minimalist instrumentation through the first chorus. A fiddle signals a fuller sound, as stomping drums and bass give it more weight. Despite being written for a children’s film, the song could easily stand on its own or appear on a regular studio album.

“Born To Die” also affirms Kelly’s talent with country music. She has been threatening to release a full country album for a decade now, and “Born To Die” can be added to her growing collection of country tracks.

Listen to “Born To Die” below:

Kelly’s “Born To Die” appears on the Trolls World Tour soundtrack album. You can stream or buy the album from all the major music providers here.

“I Dare You” & Upcoming Album

This spring, Kelly will release “I Dare You” as the lead single from her upcoming 8th studio album. Kelly has described the new song as one of her favorites she’s ever recorded, and it’s reportedly going to come out in at least 5 different languages! Official details are still being kept tight, but it shouldn’t be long before we get to hear the new single.

Kelly has candidly revealed that her next album is not ready yet. That’s understandable, considering how busy she is nowadays, but we hope that by next December it’ll be a highlight of 2020 albums. Last spring, Kelly stated the next album will sounds like a mixture of BreakawayStronger, and Meaning Of Life. That’s an A+ list, if we do say so ourselves.

More Kelly Clarkson News

Enjoy Kelly’s new song, “Born To Die,” and be sure to see Trolls World Tour once it’s out on April 10th. Also stay tuned for more news about “I Dare You” and Kelly’s upcoming 8th studio album – there will surely be more information in the coming weeks! At this point, we expect to hear the single sometime this spring, and the full album sometime later in 2020. For now, keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson music news.

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