Kelly Clarkson Announces New Single “I Dare You” Out April 16th

It’s been months in the making, but the moment we’ve waited (a lifetime) for is finally here. Kelly Clarkson has just officially announced that her new single “I Dare You” will be released on April 16th! The announcement comes with new artwork that will likely be used on the single cover, as well as a short statement about the song:

This is my favorite/hardest project that I’ve ever worked on. I can’t wait for you to hear “I Dare You” out everywhere April 16th! #IDareYou

Check out the new artwork below:


More About “I Dare You”

Kelly herself confirmed “I Dare You” in a short clip from The Kelly Clarkson Show at the end of February. The song was written by Ben West, Jesse Shatkin, Laura Jean Veltz, and Natalie Hemby. That’s an impressive lineup, and indeed, Kelly has described the new song as one of her favorites she’s ever recorded. As she told POPSUGAR in November:

I haven’t had enough time to do a full album, but this song is so powerful. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever been the vessel for. I love the songwriter, I love the message. It’s all-encompassing and really magical. It’s about inclusivity, connecting with people, taking that higher road, and being the best version of yourself.

Kelly also recently described the song to Billboard, saying it’s “one of my favorite songs I’ll probably ever do in my career.” She continued:

It’s a beautifully written song and one of my favorite writers in the world wrote it. It’s kind of all of these worlds colliding and … the whole experience has been amazing and hopefully our whole idea for the song pans out. I’ve never done anything like this in my career. All of what I’m saying isn’t making sense until you actually know what’s happening, so I’m sorry for the weirdness. But you’ll know by the time it comes out, like,”OK, she’s not weird. It does make sense.” It’s a new way. I’ve never really done anything like it.

So that last part sounds weird, right? Well, we might have an explanation for that…

Multiple Versions Of “I Dare You”?

News is now coming out that the new song might have been recorded in multiple languages. In a Hebrew-language article from YNet, it stated that Kelly recorded a Hebrew version of “I Dare You” with the Israeli singer Maya Bouskilla. Lev Group Media Company reportedly connected Kelly and Maya. Noam Horev translated the song into Hebrew, and Kelly then learned those lyrics and sang in Hebrew. Kelly and Maya recorded their parts separately at studios in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, respectively.

The article also stated there will be a total of five different versions of the song. The rumored list of song versions and featured artists is as follows:

  1. “I Dare You”
  2. “I Dare You (Appelle Ton Amour)” [feat. Zaz] — French
  3. “I Dare You (كنتحداك)” [feat. Faouzia] — Arabic
  4. “I Dare You (Te Reto A Amar)” [feat. Blas Cantó] — Spanish
  5. “I Dare You (Trau Dich)” [feat. Glasperlenspiel] — German
  6. “I Dare You (בוא נראה)” [feat. Maya Buskila] — Hebrew

If Kelly learned the song in Hebrew for her version with Maya, it is likely that she also learned the song in Arabic, Spanish, German, and French as well. Ambitious and impressive!

More Kelly Clarkson News

Upcoming Album

Kelly has candidly revealed that her next album is not ready yet. That’s understandable, considering how busy she is nowadays, but we hope that by this December year it’ll be a highlight of 2020 albums. Last spring, Kelly stated the next album will sounds like a mixture of BreakawayStronger, and Meaning Of Life. That’s an A+ list, if we do say so ourselves.

Get ready to hear “I Dare You” in just two weeks! We can also look forward to Kelly’s upcoming 8th studio album – there will surely be more information about it once the new single is out. At this point, we expect to get the full album sometime in late summer or fall 2020. For now, keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson music news.

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