Hayley Williams Reveals New Project, Petals For Armor, Due January 22

At the end of December, Paramore’s Hayley Williams revealed that she’d release new solo music in January 2020. Now a week into the new year, it’s become clear that her project is called Petals For Armor, and we’re getting our first taste of the new music in two weeks. On January 22nd, we’ll get to hear a new song and evidently see an accompanying music video.

In a new teaser, we see some brief shots of a dark nighttime forest, soundtracked only by Hayley’s breathing. It ends with a simple date to look forward to.

Check out the Petals For Armor teaser below:

A New Sound?

On Paramore’s first three albums, the band landed firmly in the punk rock and alternative rock genres. Their guitar-driven sound, big vocals, catchy hooks, and undeniable energy earned them a loyal fanbase that stayed with them even as the band’s lineup changed. On their self-titled fourth album, Paramore started to experiment with new sounds, incorporating new wave and folk on a genre-spanning album. With the arrival of After Laughter in 2017, though, Paramore largely left their rock roots behind, opting for a more overtly pop record. It took inspiration from 1980s new wave and had funky undertones. But while the music was breezy and light, the lyrics were Hayley’s darkest yet.

Until now, Hayley Williams has only released music outside of Paramore a handful of times. She’s collaborated with other bands, mostly within the the punk rock scene, including ex-husband Chad Gilbert’s group, New Found Glory. In the early 2010s, Hayley also appeared alongside rapper B.o.B. on the hit single “Airplanes” and alongside Zedd on their EDM single “Stay The Night.” Her lone solo song was “Teenagers,” appearing on the 2009 soundtrack for Jennifer’s Body.

How will Hayley’s Petals For Armor music sound? She could go in any number of directions. Hayley could make a pop rock record in the vein of early Paramore; she has been mostly loyal to the genre and scene. However, she could follow her band’s recent trend and move further into pop territory. Or, Hayley could try out a more intimate, folk-styled sound; think “Hate To See Your Heart Break.”

Hayley has still given no clues into her solo record’s sound, so these are only guesses based on her past work. How do YOU think her new music will sound? What do you hope it will sound like? Let us know in the comments below!

Paramore’s Future?

With all this talk of Hayley Williams going solo, many of you may be wondering if Paramore’s future is in jeopardy. Although Hayley doesn’t know the future of Paramore, she and the band have repeatedly assured fans that they are not breaking up. They are on a “really nice break,” but they’re still a band and will make music together again in the future.

In all likelihood, following Hayley’s Petals For Armor project in 2020, the band will be back at it come 2021 or 2022. Patience, Paramore fans.

More Paramore & Hayley Williams News

Get ready to the first Petals For Armor song in just two weeks! A full album will likely follow. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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