Fall Out Boy Brings Dreams To Life In “Bob Dylan” Music Video

Last month, Fall Out Boy released their second greatest hits compilation, Believers Never Die: Volume Two. It picks up where its predecessor, 2009’s Believers Never Die, left off, highlighting some of Fall Out Boy’s standout hits from Save Rock And RollAmerican Beauty/American Psycho, and M A N I A. It also features two new songs: “Dear Future Self (Hands Up)” and “Bob Dylan.” After finally hearing “Bob Dylan” three weeks ago, fans can now enjoy its accompanying music video.

“Bob Dylan,” a leftover from the American Beauty/American Psycho era, is an excellent song about wanting to be loved like people love music icons. The uptempo song marries relatable lyrics with an irresistible vibrancy, and it’s a highlight even among the other greatest hits on the compilation.

The music video imagines what that idolization dream looks like when it comes true. Animated lead Frankie seems to have an unrequited love, as Star Dust never responds to his messages. After watching a bit of Fall Out Boy, he wishes he was famous and therefore loved. Wouldn’t Star Dust like him so much more if he were a celebrity? Suddenly he gets sucked into a world of fame, where he’s adored by fans, all over magazines, appearing on talk shows, and getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But this doesn’t cause Star Dust to love him… you’ll have to watch until the sweet end to find out what happens.

Watch the heart-warming music video for “Bob Dylan” below:

You can stream or download – along with the rest of Believers Never Die: Volume Two – from all the major music providers here.

Pete Wentz recently revealed that Believers Never Die: Volume Two is Fall Out Boy’s last album with their Island Records contract. It’s unclear what label they’ll be on in the future when it’s time to release another record.

Revisit post-hiatus Fall Out Boy by listening to all of Believers Never Die: Volume Two below:

Another Hiatus?

Last time Fall Out Boy released a greatest hits compilation, it preceded a hiatus. The band had been go-go-go for years, and they needed and deserved a break. During that time, the members each went their separate ways, working on new musical projects that largely didn’t sound like Fall Out Boy.

We may be at that point again, one decade later. Fall Out Boy released three albums – plus some EPs and a remix record – in rapid succession, and they may be due for another break. It’s unclear if they will indeed take another hiatus or how long it would last, but it’s something to consider. But who knows – they could be ready to surprise with another full album in the new year. Time will tell.

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Believers Never Die

Enjoy the new music video for “Bob Dylan,” and be sure to check out Fall Out Boy’s new greatest hits, Believers Never Die: Volume Two. Next year, Fall Out Boy will embark on the Hella Mega tour with Green Day and Weezer, so be sure to get tickets before all the dates sell out! Keep checking back here for all the latest Fall Out Boy music news.

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