Amy Lee Says New Evanescence Music Out By April Tour

In the past year, Evanescence has spent most of their time in and out of the studio, writing and demoing new music for their first album in almost a decade. After putting out their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” – and sharing an apocalyptic new music video for it last month – Evanescence is ready to reveal more about their upcoming album. Frontwoman Amy Lee spoke with Toni Gonzalez at Loudwire about their upcoming music… which may be coming sooner than fans realize!

Amy and Toni talk about motherhood (Amy has a 5-year-old son named Jack), artwork (Amy paints), and the band’s cover of “The Chain” and its music video. They also discuss Amy’s forthcoming collaboration with Body Count called “When I’m Gone”; the song comes out on March 6th. Then they talk about new Evanescence music.

Evanescence’s New Music

As Amy explains in the interview, Evanescence is currently in the studio with producer Nick Raskulinecz – the same man who produced their last album, Evanescence, in 2011, and mixed “The Chain” last fall. Although they were going to just do two new songs with Nick, they’re now working on four with him. Amy continues to describe the songs:

It’s a combination of a lot of things. I’m not sure that I can sum it all up, but it’s definitely 100% us. But it’s also taking risks, and I think it’s deeply meaningful. At the same time, a lot of it has attitude – I don’t know if I can explain that super well. Some of our music is like that. If you can listen back think about especially some of the later music, like “What You Want” or “Call Me When You’re Sober,” there’s a track or two in there that is the next step from that in its feeling.

Amy says that there’s not a specific theme yet, but she’s had a lot of loss lately – her brother died in 2018 – and lyrically she has returned to her roots in a way. It’s searching for meaning in things and trying to understand something that’s impossible for humans to understand. But, as Amy reassures, it’s not all dark and serious.

Finally, Amy reiterates the band’s plan to release songs one by one throughout the year before dropping the full album. She also reveals that they want their first new song out in time for the upcoming April tour Evanescence will do with Within Temptation. They want to be able to play something new during that April tour.

We can’t wait to hear a new song in the next month or so! The tour begins April 4th, so we shouldn’t be waiting too long now!

Listen to the full interview below. Talk of new music begins around 12:40.

2020 Return Of Evanescence

Evanescence has been making a comeback over the last few years. In early 2017, the band released a boxset of their three studio albums and b-sides, and later that year we got their electronic-meets-symphonic album, Synthesis. After plenty of touring, they put out Synthesis Live in fall 2018.

The band also has a major tour coming up with the band Within Temptation. Their World Collide tour will take the two bands across Europe in April 2020. Find dates and tickets now so you can see them this spring.

Now, Evanescence is working on their long-awaited 4th studio album. They started writing and demoing last year, and now they’re ready to being recording. In addition to the new interview, also check out Amy Lee’s Reddit AMA from late 2019 – she reveals plenty of additional information there!

More Evanescence & Amy Lee News

Get ready for Evanescence’s upcoming album, and stay tuned for more news about it in the coming weeks. With a new song expected before the April tour, we won’t have to wait too long!

For now, enjoy the band’s cover of “The Chain” and its red-hot new music video. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Evanescence music news.

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