BANKS Shares Stripped “If We Were Made Of Water” Ahead Of EP

Throughout this week, BANKS has shared stripped back performances of her 2014 Goddess single, “Drowning,” and two newer songs: “Contaminated” and “Stroke,” both off her recent album, III. All three recordings come from her new EP, Live And Stripped, out tomorrow on Friday, April 3rd. In her final preview before the EP drops, BANKS is back with a “1 Mic 1 Take” version of “If We Were Made Of Water,” a track from her last album

“If We Were Made Of Water” is well-suited for the acoustic setting, and at its core this performance of the ballad doesn’t change much from the studio recording. But a lot of the details that made the album version so magical – the sounds of rain, the strings played pizzicato near the end – are, of course, absent here. This performance forces the attention to stay on the lyrics, and it allows the words to truly sink in. It’s a lovely version of the song.

As with “Drowning,” “Contaminated,” and “Stroke” before it, our new recording of “If We Were Made Of Water” also comes with a black-and-white video of the performance. BANKS really emotes as she sings, with her accompanying band hiding in the shadows behind her. Vertical beams of light add to the ambiance.

Watch the stripped back performance of “If We Were Made Of Water” in the video below:


This stripped version of “If We Were Made Of Water” is available to stream or download now – get it from your favorite music providers here. It will also appear on BANKS’ upcoming Live And Stripped EP, out tomorrow. You can pre-save the EP on Spotify or Apple Music here.

The EP will also include live, stripped back versions of the single “Drowning” (originally from BANKS’ debut album, Goddess) and the songs “Contaminated” and “Stroke,” both off of BANKS’ latest album, III. The record came out last July; check out our review of it here.

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More New Music?

BANKS never stops making music. Following III and her upcoming Live And Stripped EP, we may expect to hear some brand new music in the next year or so, too. BANKS has already revealed that she’s writing music. However, she didn’t indicate a timeframe for when we might get to hear it. We’ll be patient for now, but we’re excited to hear what’s in store!

Enjoy the new acoustic performance of “If We Were Made Of Water,” and get ready for the full Live And Stripped EP, out tomorrow, April 3rd. Keep checking back here for all the latest BANKS music news.

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