Top 25 Avril Lavigne Songs You Didn’t Hear On The Radio

Tuesdays should be all about hearing new tunes, and today is dedicated to Avril Lavigne. You know her popular songs – from “Complicated,” “I’m With You,” and “Sk8er Boi” to “My Happy Ending” and “Girlfriend.” But even if you recognize her smaller hits (“What The Hell”? “When You’re Gone”?), the singles you’ve heard on the radio don’t always do Avril justice. Especially her most recent singles in the last few years – her last album wasn’t all “Hello Kitty” and “Here’s To Never Growing Up.”

Here are the Top 25 Avril Lavigne songs you didn’t hear on the radio. These are Avril’s best songs, not including some of her biggest hits, and tunes that you need to have in your life. You’ll thank us later.

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25. “Tomorrow” – A fan favorite form Let Go, “Tomorrow” is a soft, guitar driven ballad. Its words could have been ripped from Avril’s diary, and it describes a young girl growing up and learning to take care of herself. Here is a video of her perfuming it live after her grandfather passed away.

24. “I Love You” – Simple and sweet, “I Love You” could have been a single from Goodbye Lullaby. Instead it has remained a hidden album track, and one that focuses on all the good in a person, even when the relationship didn’t work out.

23. “Runaway” – The Best Damn Thing was a dividing album, and while everyone focused on career-changer that was “Girlfriend,” “Runaway” was the pop gem waiting to be discovered. It’s a relatable song about a day going horribly wrong, but has an anthemic and uplifting message – and a great singalong chorus.

22. “Everybody Hurts” – From Goodbye Lullaby, “Everybody Hurts” is a fan favorite on Avril’s 4th album. The song is personal, yet the lyrics are broad enough that they could relate to any situation. Turn it up when you’re feeling down.

21. “Wish You Were Here” – This was the 3rd single from Avril’s underperforming 4th album, Goodbye Lullaby, and was not the radio hit it deserved to be. Nonetheless, this is Avril’s 2nd most-watched music video on YouTube (over 200,000,000 views!), and a fantastic ballad at that.

20. “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” – Lately Avril’s been known for having “immature” and “bratty” uptempo singles, but “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” shows that she can still write fun songs without the brattiness. Taken from her 5th album, Avril Lavigne, this is a cute love song that will put a smile on your face.

19. “Why” – Originally a b-side to her first single “Complicated,” “Why” was also included as a bonus track on some versions of Let Go. It’s an acoustic track that highlights Avril’s delicate vocals, and one of her most innocent songs from early in her career.

18. “Hush Hush” – The closing track on Avril Lavigne, “Hush Hush” is a piano driven ballad full of emotion and sorrow. Even though she “still believe(s) that we were always meant to be,” it’s time for her to let him go and “live your life.” It’s a beautiful song that will bring tears to your eyes.

17. “Not Enough” – In 2009, after 3 years of marriage, Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley divorced. It was a tough time for Avril, and resulted in plenty of heartfelt songs that made up her 4th album, Goodbye Lullaby. “Not Enough” is one of those sad songs, with Avril describing why it was time to give up on their relationship.

16. “Unwanted” – One of the heavier songs on Let Go, “Unwanted” is all about being that kid in school who’s ignored and lonely. Like the album’s 4th (and under-appreciated) single “Losing Grip,” this is a heavy song that had the vibe Avril originally wanted her entire debut album to have.

15. “Bad Girl” – Avril decided to go full rock on her self-titled album’s middle track. “Bad Girl” is full of screams, guitars, and naughty talk, and is one of the most fun rock songs you’ll hear from Avril.

14. “Forgotten” – This is one of Under My Skin‘s darker moments, but also one of its best. “Forgotten” has eery “ah ah”s and plenty of rage, and is one of the more rock songs of Avril’s career.

13. “I Will Be” – This was just a bonus track from The Best Damn Thing, but it could have been  a single. It was actually covered by Leona Lewis, so you may have heard her version on the radio.

12. “Take Me Away” – The opening track from Under My Skin, “Take Me Away” is short, fast, and completely addictive.

11. “Falling Fast” – Avril nearly went country with this entirely self-written song from her eponymous album. “Falling Fast” is a gentle tune about the first feelings of love in a new relationship. This also has some of the best lyrics Avril has written so far.

10. “Hot” – Although it was the 3rd single from The Best Damn Thing, “Hot” was not the big hit it should have been, so you may have missed it. It has a bouncy beat and a huge chorus that will make you want to sing along.

9. “Things I’ll Never Say” – This is a song that describes young love perfectly. From her debut album Let Go, “Things I’ll Never Say” has long been a fan favorite, and it’s easy to see why. Its diary-like words and strumming beat are infectious.

8. “Remember When” – One of the most personal songs on Goodbye Lullaby, “Remember When” is a piano driven ballad that will bring tears your eyes every time you listen to it. With lyrics like “I cried a little bit, you died a little bit,” this is the kind of the song that is so confessional and honest that it will be hard not to understand what Avril felt as she and her husband divorced.

7. “Hello Heartache” – This song could have been a hit single from Avril Lavigne – it has the singalong “la la,” the big chorus offset by bouncy mid tempo verses, and has sentiment anyone can identify with. It has some of the better lyrics among Avril’s catalog of songs, and is one of the best from her new record.

6. “Stop Standing There” – A song “fueled by an early ’50s girl-group feel,” “Stop Standing There” is an adorable highlight on Goodbye Lullaby. It describes young love where someone has to admit how they feel about the other. It’s a feel good song that everyone can relate to.

5. “Together” – This may be the first song we heard Avril play piano on, and indeed the piano opens the song. “Together” is taken from Under My Skin, and is Avril’s favorite song from her sophomore album.

4. “Goodbye” – The title track from Goodbye Lullaby, “Goodbye” describes Avril’s feelings in the midst of her divorce from Deryck Whibley. It’s a sad goodbye, but one full of love rather than anger. Gentle, acoustic instrumentation sounds perfect with Avril’s soft vocals. Avril filmed a music video to thank her fans – the song starts at 1:45.

3. “Innocence” – A highlight on The Best Damn Thing, “Innocence” is a ballad not about heartache or loss, but about the little joys of life. It’s about finally finding happiness and being content, and is a gloriously beautiful song.

2. “Darlin'” – Though she wrote it when she was just 15, “Darlin'” didn’t appear on an album until Goodbye Lullaby. It is sweet and gentle, with delicate high vocals and heartfelt admissions that “I wish you could be happy instead / there’s nothing else I can do but love you the best that I can.”

1. “Give You What You Like” – Taken from her most recent album, Avril Lavigne, “Give You What You Like” shows Avril exploring different subject matter and a dark atmosphere. This one of the best songs of Avril’s career so far, and is Avril’s personal favorite from the new album. It should have been a single, because more people need to hear this masterpiece.


What do you think? What are your favorite Avril Lavigne songs? We hope you enjoyed the list and maybe found some new favorite Avril songs to obsess over.


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4 thoughts on “Top 25 Avril Lavigne Songs You Didn’t Hear On The Radio

  • December 29, 2015 at 1:06 am

    I love you off Goodbye Lullabye, an amazing song by Avril Lavigne as well

  • March 17, 2021 at 2:19 am

    I am a huge ass Avril fan, and I salute you on this EXCELLENT list. Only song missing is I CAN DO BETTER,and FALL TO PIECES but you picked fantastic songs! Number 1 couldnt be more spot on (does it not baffle you why the singles they picked from her self titled record were the ones they picked??? LET ME GO, really? Over Hello Heartache, GYWYL, and Bad Girl?) we should pick her singles!

    oh and if u liked HEAD ABOVE WATER the best unknown on there is SOUVENIR

    • March 17, 2021 at 9:41 am

      Thank you! Avril has had so many amazing songs over the years that deserve more recognition. “Fall To Pieces” is one of my favorites on Under My Skin; I guess it was kind of a radio single, at least where I live, but it never got a music video 🙁

      You’re right, it is baffling what songs they chose as single for her self-titled. “Give You What You Like” and “Hello Heartache” definitely should have been singles!

      This article was published before Head Above Water came out but yesss that album has so many great songs! My favorite non-singles are “Birdie,” “Crush,” and “Souvenir.” 🙂

  • May 23, 2021 at 4:10 pm

    Hey there. How about an Avril Lavigne single that should be on radio but failed. Head Above Water and I Fell In Love With the Devil are good picks as both singles work really well. Also, I love music videos. I find music videos to be much better than radio. I even watch music videos on YouTube too. I’m really loving the music videos for Head Above Water and I Fell In Love With The Devil. We Are Warriors is also a great one. Man, Avril Lavigne music videos were incredible. I would love a new Avril Lavigne music video this year.


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