Tove Lo Surprises Fans With “Bikini Porn” Single Release

Just four months ago, Tove Lo dropped her new album, Sunshine Kitty. Already six singles in, Tove just surprised fans by releasing a brand new non-album single. Two days ago, Tove dropped “Bikini Porn” and its b-side, “Passion And Pain Taste The Same When I’m Weak.” Tove wrote both with Finneas (aka Billie Eilish’s brother). Today, “Bikini Porn” also gets an accompanying music video.

“Bikini Porn” builds on a jungly beat, Tove contrasting her tan skin with the pale complexion of an office worker. The pre-chorus grows with the additional synths, then the chorus hits us with Tove’s carefree lifestyle. By the second verse, her office friend has quit their job to join Tove’s free way of life.

The song’s lo-fi music video is essentially just its main theme come to life. Tove dons various bikinis, in different styles and colors, and dances like nobody’s watching, regardless of where she is. Some of her dancing locations are appropriate for that attire, like the pool, but others – a small CD shop, on top of a trailer-less semi truck – are less so. Later, Tove climbs into an Uber, driven by none other than her collaborator, Finneas. But he’s sick of her dancing and eventually abandons her in the car… not that she notices.

Watch the music video for “Bikini Porn” below:

Along with “Bikini Porn,” Tove also released a song called “Passion And Pain Taste The Same When I’m Weak.” The musical contrast is striking, and this ballad presents another side of Tove.

“Passion And Pain Taste The Same When I’m Weak” starts with gentle keys, but it grows heavier as Tove describes her breakdown. She sings higher on the pre-chorus and chorus, raw and sad, ending with “You’re gonna get what you’re giving to me.” It’s a somber and emotional song, and an example of Tove’s enduring talent.

Listen to “Passion And Pain Taste The Same When I’m Weak” below:

You can stream or download both songs from all the major music providers here.

In September, Tove Lo released her new album, Sunshine Kitty. It’s launched six singles so far: “Glad He’s Gone,” the Alma-assisted “Bad As The Boys,” “Jacques” with Jax Jones, and “Really Don’t Like U” featuring Kylie Minogue, “Sweettalk My Heart,” and “Are U Gonna Tell Her?” featuring Brazilian artist MC Zaac. You can stream or buy the album from all the major music providers here.

More Tove Lo News

Tove Lo is getting ready to go on a full tour of Sunshine Kitty next month. The North American tour starts in Nashville on February 3rd and finishes in Los Angeles on February 28th. On March 9th, Tove will begin her European tour in Glasgow and end in Stockholm on March 26th. See all the dates and get tickets now!

Enjoy “Bikini Porn,” its music video, and the b-side, “Passion And Pain Taste The Same When I’m Weak.” Remember, Tove also put out her new album, Sunshine Kitty, last September, so be sure to hear that, too. And get ready to see Tove live once her tour starts in just a few weeks. Keep checking back here for all the latest Tove Lo music news.

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